A Creative Approach to Contemporary Latin Bass Playing

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Bassist, composer, arranger, and producer Ramón Vázquez began music while still in middle school participating in a student band. His first musical steps were with the triangle and the clave. Upon learning from his music teacher that the band needed a bassist, Vázquez accepted the challenge and began his life-long dedication to the study of this instrument.

Vázquez graduated from the famed Escuela Libre de Música in 1989 with high honors. He studied bass privately and participated in several workshops and seminars including: the Manhattan School of Music Summer Workshop, the Bass Summit at the National Guitar Summer Workshop, and for three years the Berklee partner school in Puerto Rico, where he was awarded for Outstanding Musicianship with a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music.

His talent and charisma have allowed him to work with a great number of pop, jazz, and classical artists, in and out of Puerto Rico.

Original article from Berklee college of Music